Humber Number 1

Humber Number 1 is the region’s only local chart .
Voted for and chosen by you!

TIME TO Vote!! March 2020

It’s that time once more, your opportunity to vote on the only regional chart in the UK- The Humber Number 1 Chart!
Voting is now open for these 10 fantastic tracks, all wanting your vote!
Voting closes midnight 23rd March 2020

To vote for your favourite you can either vote via the post on our facebook page, don’t forget to like our page, it spreads the word of how good our music scene is!
1 Carrie Martin – Entity
2 Let Man Loose- Bulldog
3 The Gold Needles – Billy Liar
4 Gril Afriad – Dutch Courage
5 Filthy Filthy – Meteorite
6 Preistgate – Wouldn’t Life
7 the dulvertons- Young & Foolish
8 Chris Khaos / Joe Cozzo – Cryyy
9 APhelia – TooLate
10 On the rise – Lost In You

Winner revealed by Nick Boldock as part of the Hull Music Vault 24/03/2020 after 8pm