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Hardline cleric wins landslide victory in Iran presidential election

Hardline cleric Ebrahim Raisi has won a landslide in Iran's presidential election and his rivals have conceded defeat, according to state TV. [...]

Number of coronavirus deaths in Brazil surpasses half a million

The number of coronavirus deaths in Brazil has surpassed half a million as experts warn the outbreak there may worsen due to delayed vaccinations and government failures. [...]

Man loses hand after violent clashes between police and ravers in France

An illegal rave in a field in France turned violent when police attempted to break up the party - and one man lost his hand in the clashes. [...]

Love on hold: Couples separated by COVID rules urge governments for help

Couples who have been separated because of COVID-related travel restrictions are urging governments around the world to do more so they can be reunited. [...]

'It's been a nightmare': The international couples torn apart by the pandemic

The pandemic has made life a "nightmare" for some couples living in different countries - and they now want governments to do more to help them reunite. Here are some of their stories. [...]

Pregnant women and their unborn babies dying in Brazil as COVID deaths set to pass 500k mark

Brazil is likely to pass the awful mark of 500,000 COVID-related deaths in the next two days. Only the United States has a higher number of dead across the world. [...]

In pictures: How blistering heatwave is fuelling extreme 'mega drought' in US

A searing heatwave is fuelling an extreme "mega drought" in the western US and prompted warnings about water shortages and wildfires. [...]

'Mozart effect': Listening to composer's piece can prevent epileptic seizures - study

A piece of music by Mozart can have an anti-epileptic effect on the brain and may be a possible treatment to prevent seizures, according to a new study. [...]

Three killed, two missing after dropping over dam in inflatable rings - four rescued after 19 hours

Three people are dead and two are missing after a group of nine people, all believed to be from the same family, went missing after floating down a river on inflatable rings and dropping over the edge of a dam. [...]

Eriksen discharged from hospital nearly a week after collapse - and visits Denmark team

Denmark's Christian Eriksen has been discharged from hospital and visited his teammates nearly a week after collapsing on the pitch. [...]