Sky News

80% of Ukrainian troops killed or injured in elite military unit, says commander - and its future is unclear

A commander of an elite unit of Ukrainian marines has told Sky News the majority of his best trained troops have been injured or killed. [...]

City of Severodonetsk now under Russian control following weeks-long battle

The Ukrainian city of Severodonetsk is now under the "full occupation" of Russian forces following a weeks-long battle. [...]

The G7 must find strength and unity to overcome huge challenges - or its enemies will be strengthened

There has not been a more consequential meeting of the world's richest democracies. [...]

Biden looking for 'solutions' after Supreme Court's abortion ruling as protests continue

Joe Biden is continuing to look for "solutions" after the US Supreme Court overturned the right to access an abortion in a history-making decision that has divided opinion across the country. [...]

Mississippi's last abortion clinic faces rush of women trying to beat deadlines of biology and of law

On the corner of a street in Jackson, Mississippi, America's reckoning with abortion is up close and raw. [...]

Drones, anti-tank weapons and space: 13 lessons military planners will be learning from the Ukraine invasion

Throughout the Cold War, Britain's military planners thought long and hard about what was needed to beat the Soviets if World War Three ever broke out. [...]

Norway mass shooting suspect 'radicalised Islamist' - as terror threat raised to highest level

A suspected gunman charged over a deadly mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Norway's capital Oslo is believed to be a radicalised Islamist with a history of mental illness, according to the country's intelligence service. [...]

Monkeypox 'deeply concerning' but not a global health emergency, WHO says

The monkeypox outbreak is not yet a global health emergency, the World Health Organization has decided - although the director general remains "deeply concerned". [...]

G7 protesters concerned fallout from Ukraine war is pushing climate down agenda

In Munich, a crowd of thousands of protestors was the welcoming party for some of the most powerful leaders on the planet. [...]

Afghanistan's earthquake-hit people call for help amid devastation and trickle of aid

Every house in a village of nearly two dozen homes was reduced to rubble by Wednesday's earthquake in Afghanistan, it has emerged. [...]