Sky News

Brazil's army 'ready' to defend rainforestBrazil's Army is 'ready' to defend the Amazon rainforest from wildfires, according to its general. [...]

French prosecutors to investigate rape charges linked to Epstein caseParis' chief prosecutor is opening an investigation into the rape of minors and other charges linked to the Jeffrey Epstein case. [...]

Migrants stalemate ends as six EU countries agree to take them inMalta has agreed to let 356 migrants aboard a humanitarian ship in the Mediterranean Sea, to disembark after six European countries agreed to accept them all. [...]

Near-extinct northern white rhino could be saved as vets harvest eggsThere is renewed hope that the near-extinct northern white rhino could be saved after eggs were successfully extracted from the last two remaining females. [...]

Death row inmate eats three cheeseburgers before he is executedA serial killer who targeted older gay men across the US east coast and bludgeoned and suffocated his victims has been executed. [...]

Trump furiously responds to China's new retaliatory tariffsPresident Donald Trump has furiously responded to China’s decision to impose new retaliatory tariffs on American goods on Twitter. [...]

Five dead in lightning strike in Tatra mountainsFive people, including two children, have been killed after lightning strikes in the Tatra mountains in Poland and neighbouring Slovakia. [...]

Americans more aware of their role in stopping mass shootingsIt has been less than three weeks since twin mass shootings claimed 31 lives in the US. [...]

Boy bitten on the head by mountain lion outside his homeA boy has been bitten on the head by a mountain lion in Colorado - the third such attack in the state this year. [...]

YouTube disables channels over 'Chinese disinformation' on Hong KongYouTube has disabled 210 channels appearing to engage in a coordinated influence operation around the Hong Kong protests, days after similar campaigns on Twitter and Facebook were dismantled. [...]