Hull Daily Mail

Family find spooky message sent from 1975 under wallpaper in new home

Hidden poem about 'time travel' dates back more than 40 years [...]

Waitress denies snatching Ben Needham 30 years after disappearance

Ben's mum has been struggling to cope on the 30th anniversary of her son's disappearance [...]

Teen writes to world leaders asking them for life advice

Leo Olsson has received responses from the likes of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern [...]

Search helicopter spotted scouring River Humber near Hull

The aircraft was circling an area of the river with its light beaming onto the surface of the water [...]

Government wouldn't oppose indyref2 if it 'settled will' of voters

Recent survey found 48% supported leaving the UK [...]

Ancient viruses survive after thousands of years trapped in ice

Scientists taking samples from nearly 15,000-year-old ice have unearthed dozens of viruses never seen before [...]

When African plume will bring the heat back to UK

Unsettled spell of weather will give way to higher-than-average heat by the middle of August [...]

Man urinating outside building forced to clean up after himself

Police caught him red-handed and allowed him no gloves to help his task [...]

Loch Ness Monster has been spotted for the eighth time this year

Nessie sightings are on course to rise in 2021 after the fabled prehistoric beast was spotted 13 times last year [...]